Another upcycled shirt. Loving it.

This is my second try at reworking a Goodwill bought shirt. Thought I'd document the steps. It gives me something to blog about!
Started with a pretty floral Liz Sport blouse.

Started out by chopping off the sleeves.

And then the collar.

I placed another shirt that fits well on top so I could pin and mark where I want to sew it.

I used a permanent marker.. might not be a good idea but whatevs.

I stitched along the lines I marked.

If it had been too big I would have kept stitching til it fit but luckily it was perfect the first time.

Cut off the excess fabric.

Next I pinned the top hemline as straight as possible.

And sewed it up. I used two stitches. One straight line and then a more decorative stitch.


This top looks super cute with a belt at the waistline.