Guess what.

We're going to WVU!
I am SO excited. SO SO SO excited!!!
We'll be moving late July/early August. I'm going to be teaching Drawing 1 (INSANE!!) during the first semester and I get paid to do it. Plus a full tuition waiver. I feel like the luckiest person ever. I still need to let Oregon and Washington know that I'm not going there. Kind of not looking forward to those emails but let me just list a few reasons why WVU won me over.
- money.

- the school. All of the art studios are in one big building. If I want to visit the dark room I just have to run up a flight of stairs instead of dashing out in the rain to a building a few blocks away. I get my own mailbox in the faculty mail room. I get a studio, most likely will be sharing one with a 3rd year grad student.

- the faculty. Everyone was really cool and so excited to have me come there. A professor led me around and then 4 different faculty members took Brian and me out for coffee. No other schools went out of their way like that for me. Everyone seemed really down to earth, not pompous artists like some I've met on my grad school journey.

- distance. 14 hours from home as opposed to a 5 day drive or expensive plane flight. And we'll be about 5 hours from my dad. And people from Florida we'll be more likely to visit. The move will be much much cheaper.

-location. Mountains. Four seasons. What more could I ask for? Plus we'll be less than a day away from NYC, DC, Philadelphia etc... Never having been to any of these places, the thought of the day trips we'll be able to take is quite appealing.

Now my summer mission is to start drawing again. I haven't really drawn much in the past 2 years and I'll feel odd if I don't practice a little before I'm expected to teach it. Maybe art walk tomorrow night in St. Auggie will inspire me.