First day of school!

I can't believe I got through today. I've been anticipating this day for eight months!
This semester I'll be sitting in on the Advanced Sculpture class which has undergrads with a variety of experience levels. I'm going to put together a presentation of my work along with artists that inspire me for next class. Will post about this when I accomplish it.

And I taught today! It was insane, in my head, not in reality. I got a few laughs, and I got through almost all of the information I wanted to say. I'm looking forward to one on one time with my students. I think I'll do better face to face than in front of a group.

I also arranged my stewdjo. Very happy to have it orderly. Now all I have to do is start making work!
Love my bookcase. Man box and Wood box. And great desk.

Sewing corner. Boxes of fabric all the way in back.

Did I mention I love my bookcase? Screen and box of paint and ink.