Artful weekend.

Had a fantastic studio visit yesterday from Nate Larson. He walked into my studio and was like, "Oh, you're the cat pelt girl!" Turns out I came up in the conversation held over dinner the night before. He had a very positive reaction towards the kitties and everything going on in my studio. Nothing like some good old positive feedback to really brighten your day!

Today I traveled north to Pittsburgh to check out the Mattress Factory and the Society for Contemporary Craft. Wow and wow.

Even though part of the MF was closed for installations, the floors we got to see were beyond great.
The 2nd floor is the James Turrell cave. No skyspaces but really cool light installations.

Thank goodness for this map. This entire floor is practically pitch black.

This piece is insane. It's cut through the 4th floor and ends out a window on the 3rd floor. Down through the hole you can see a wrought iron table and chairs in someone's yard. The girl working said she's never seen anyone sitting at the table though. Too bad.
Out the window.

These two rooms where like a fun house at the county fair. We had a blast. They even give you little hospital booties to slip over your shoes!

And now to the Society for Contemporary Crafts

These=love. I want them.

It doesn't even seem fair. All of her work is so amazing. Ahh, I'm jealous.

It's funny I saw this artist's work because one of my professors just sent me a link to her website last week, and of course I loved it.

A view of the ceiling. Seriously!

This was the coziest, most 70's, fluffiest, embroidered, pink, latch hooked, fuzzy installation I could have ever dreamed of.

I felt like I was in paradise throughout this entire exhibit. THIS is why I'm happy to be an artist.