I have done nothing during the past two weeks except mold making (by day) and fox costuming (by night).
I swear mold making will be the death of me. I know people say that all the time about a lot of things but I'm forreal. Or it will at least make me cry. And I've only felt this way about two other forms of art, screen printing and dark room photography, so if you've had a "so frustrating I could cry" moment from those too then you know what I mean. I love the thought of mold making. It's great. But it takes HOURS and HOURS and then it most likely won't come out right or you somehow manage to break your mold. Like, seriously, omg.

But anyway, I'm very pleased with this cute little mask. I'm almost done with the 2nd one (boyfriend one).. and I'm pretty much done with our tails too. Just have to figure out a way for them to hook onto our belts.

I've also been busy working on my sister's costume (lightning bug: see previous post).. Finished with the hood but I still have to solve the problem of the glowing butt.

So excited for Halloween weekend.