My first committee review was fantastic. Plenty of criticism and whole lot of encouragement. I have so much to think about and I'm really excited about the direction my art is going.

Spent lots of time rearranging/cleaning my studio. Including hanging all the drawings for my website and my halloween costume masks. Was tempted to hang up my knitting but I didn't want to go too far.

All of the mold making I've accomplished this year. Feat. corn molds, arrowhead molds, plaster molds in the back and a selection of cast objects on the right.

Knocked Up

Arrowhead Doilie
(my pride and joy)

Cats from my Childhood
(with name tags)

Now that my semester is complete I'm spending some quality time knitting.
And plans for a co-curated art show will be formulated soon with Ron Hollingshead. It's going to be incredible.

AND Fat Cat and Precious are coming to live with me after the break. Happiness.