Claus Oldenburg inspired writing assignment.

I am for art that feels more at home in a home than a gallery, that may one day live in a thrift store and that most likely spent a good portion of it's life in an old lady's living room.

I am for an art full of love, that makes me smile big and feel that knot of jealousy somewhere in the middle of my chest.

I am for an art that came in a kit, but created with no regards to directions.

I am for art that doubles as something useful, like a journal, a cutting board or a pair of shoes.

I am for the art of a cat smartly sprawled out on his back waiting for his armpits to be scratched.

I am for an art that is found in dirt or sand, and looks great in a bowl on a shelf next to about 15 others like itself.

I am for art created when the vacuum pulls across the fibers on the carpet and the art of the butt print on a sofa.

I'm for the art of a chocolate stout and a nut ale swirling together to form a snickery deliciousness.

I am for art that is craved and satisfying when you eat it up, like Taco Bell.

I am for art that can be made with a stack of National Geographics and a glue stick.

I am for art that isn't made by a douche bag and that will never see an art auction.

I am for an art found behind layers of wallpaper or discovered in a box in an attic.

I am for art made from trash, like a Danielle Steel novel, while watching TV and drinking a glass of wine.

I am for art that is the love child of glitter and yarn, made with control and precision, that teaches me something about the world.