Day Two

Back in school. Feeling lots of pressure. I've always struggled with "what's next". One thing I have accomplished since last semester was reading a fantastic book called Neither Wolf, Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn. It's about a white dude, Nerburn, who is asked by an Indian Elder to write a book about the American Indian's real history and sadness. I learned a lot and I can't stop thinking about it. I plan to make some work based on some Native appropriations. I'm nervous that what I'll do might be viewed as disrespectful but I don't intend it to be. I just need to make what I want to make and hope for the best.

On that note, I un-upholstered a lawn chair today.
And threaded a beading loom.
And drew a chart that records the amount of Ugg boots I saw every minute for one hour.
And I taught today!
Overall, a productive day.