Today, art got good.

Super darn excited about beadwork. Practice, practice, practice.

I've spent the past week wrapping. (give me a beat!) It's torturous, but isn't art fun when it's torturous?! Still haven't finished this process but I'm almost done. Once this skeleton of a lawn chair is wrapped, it will become a dreamcatcher. Yes. A dreamcatcher. I have synthetic sinew for the web. I have reasons for all of this, but I need to organize my thoughts and I'll post what it's all about once I'm finished!

My creative epiphany today came to me while I was pondering what I could add to the dream catcher to make it more than a wrapped lawn chair. "It needs feathers," I thought. But Michaels craft feathers would make it too tacky, even for my taste. I thought maybe an embroidered feather or crocheted.. and then it hit me. All of the green plastic-y fabric from the original webbing of the lawn chair could perhaps make the perfect feather! I tested it and and boy, oh boy. I'm happy.