I made this graph on 1-11-11. It documents the Ugg boots I saw during one hour on 12-10-10. This is the product of procrastination.

Creative Thinking: Where do you put your coat?
I decided to begin a coat hook collection. I found the two leaf hooks on from Portuguese Vintage. Love them. The brass whale and the cast iron duck both came from eBay. Still on the look out for more.

I've been loving my collection of old family photos this semester. Here's my inspiration wall. I'm planning to make work with most of these images. Can't wait!

I finished Grandma Canyon on Thursday, critiqued on Friday and I'm smiling about it today. Here are some process shots.

Laying out all of the shapes and tracing the design onto tracing paper

Halfway through welding.

Printing out the image, 36"x 48"

Rubber cement glued to the wall

Halfway through grinding to a shine

Ron lending a help hand

I can't believe I'm already one month into this semester. This one is going by WAY too fast.
I have one goal for the next two weeks. FINISH THE LAWN CHAIRS DREAM CATCHERS.