Wow. Where to begin?

Finishing up the 3rd week back in school. I think I've been avoiding updating my blog because my stress levels have been off the charts. This is my 3rd semester which means in December I have a full faculty review which will decide my status as a MFA candidate. I'll have to present my work and be able to defend it flawlessly to ensure I can stay in grad school. Freaking scary stuff. But I've spent the past 3 weeks figuring out exactly the direction I want to take my work this semester and now I'm feeling really pumped. I have several pieces planned, now I just have to execute.

Cats from my Childhood: Muss, Blossom, Fluffy and Bob (you know, the cat pelts!) is in an exhibition at Collar Works in Troy, NY called "in-organic". And... TWO OF THE PELTS SOLD during the opening reception! How about that?! My first "real" show and my first sale!
Today I got a lovely email from Jennifer Hunold, the curator of "in-organic", letting me know there was an article written about the show. Here's the part about me...

"Though not as apparently violent, Morgan Gesell Milders’ “Cats From My Childhood: Muss, Blossom, Fluffy and Bob” is one of the most successful pieces of the exhibition. On the wall appear to be the furs of four cats, but they are made out of latch-hooked yarn. The piece effectively combines not only the fuzzy softness of beloved memories, but also the horror of obsessive nostalgia. After all, who but the craziest of crazy cat people would ever skin their cats and hang the fur on the wall?"

How wonderful is that?! Read the rest HERE.

So now I have to get to work. Here's a sneak peak of my latest inspiration.