Finishing all of my art = stress.

The final teleidoscope.  About 8 ft. tall.

My little bronze buffalo!

 Laying everything out.

A few plywood shapes.

Forming the cluster for the second pedestal.



All day yesterday was my main art day.  I finished the bookcase piece, and mounted the teleidoscopes.  It was a long, long day.

 Tacking on the last crystal!

 My little helper.

Contact cement application.


 The contact cement was getting to me.

And today I finished the pedestal...

Today I hauled of my work (two pedestals, bookcase, 11 teleidoscopes, and the dream catcher lawn chairs) down to the MAC.  Everything is in it's place, and I'll admit I'm pretty freaking in love.  
I'll post pictures of the show after my opening next week!

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.