Oh hey, blog.

Well, well, well.  Have I been avoiding updating this old thing?  Yes.  Why?  I was waiting for the trauma of my full faculty review to wear off a bit.  It wasn't HORRIBLE... but it also wasn't GREAT.  So, what can I do but move on and make new art.

Here are some photos from my show.  I still haven't taken any really great photos.. I'll be doing that soon because I'm sure they want me to get my art out of there in the next week or so.

Excavation Vacation: Scoop and Squat


 It's embarrassing I'm in all of these pictures but it can't be helped..
Cluster's Last Stand

 The cluster of Cluster's Last Stand.


 Feat. Roxanne (curator extraordinaire) and Ron (master sculptor)

Okay, so on to new things.  No need to live in the past.

Now I'm starting a new project of teleidoscope inspired pieces.. The first one is starring my great grandmother Johnnie Miller Nash Morgan aka "Nannie".

This time I've split up one photo into about 40 triangles, and I have 140 prints (half of them mirrored). 
The plan is to start the teleidoscope with one triangle, say the eye, and then eventually morph the pattern to the next triangle.  And so on.  So in the end I hope for it to resemble a trippy portrait.
Right now I'm just a cutting machine.  I'm not even half way done cutting out about 6000 triangles.

This time once I have all of the triangles ready I plan to add some dimension, mount them so they form a concave half sphere.  I want the viewer's peripherals to be filled with the image.  It's going to be tricky but I feel this is the best way for my work to move forward.

In addition to the normal routine, I'm taking a badass class called Intro to Textiles.  It's just a basic class where we'll learn about fibers, but there's also a lab and today we made felted soap.  I love school.