Back to school.

Back for my final year at WVU.  Here we go.

 Keep Morgantown beautiful.

Over the summer I tried to stay pumped about art.. and it ended up being the summer of the latch hook doppelgänger.  I'm interested in how most people feel the desire to figure out which celebrity you look like, especially when there is a strong resemblance.  Brian is told he looks like James Spader on a regular basis.  And I've grown up thinking I resemble Christina Ricci.  
 (feat. Fat Cat and Downton Abbey)


I still think she looks a little too much like Mena Suvari.  I need to Ricci her up a bit.  And display for my latch hook rugs has always been a problem that I'll need to tackle.

Over the summer I also upped my hoarder status.  

I'm waiting for that magical epiphany of what to do with this insane amount of Forrest Gump VHS tapes.

I have a project idea that combines a funeral wreath and Nsync posters.  You'll see..

And The Busc..

I think this is the only sneak peek I'll give. I'm really excited about this one though.

 Home sweet home.

 I've also been working on casting crystals for the past few weeks and I finally finished filling another flamingo with them.  I'll be making that mold this week so that I can start casting them in plastic.  I want a flock.  A real cluster flock.
Sad little kitty figurine I prepped for a mold making demo this morning.  I'm hoping to turn that frown upside down.