Thoughts on Jesus Indians.

I'm so excited about these Jesus Indians and here are a few things I want to say about them.

In a thrift store Jesus is just as tacky and kitsch as an Indian figurine.

Both Jesus and Native American appropriation are idealized images. It's how white people view Jesus and Indians. (such as Walter Sallman and M. Hook - painters of Jesus)

I have taken an image that is sacred and changed it the way I want to. The same way white people take sacred imagery from Natives and use it however they want. I haven't done anything "bad" to Jesus, I just put him in a headdress.

The first settlers of North America came and forced their religions on the Natives. In these paintings I'm not making fun of religion or Jesus. I'm targeting the people who have no respect for other cultures and religions. The people who believe the way they think is completely right. I'm using their idealized image of Jesus and turning him into the white man's idealized image of a Native American.