Wax Trees

I'm participating in a bronze pour next week so I've been busy the past couple days making wax castings of my arrowheads. I think I have over 100 of them. This photo is of a few of the wax arrowheads sprued up. Metal casting is sort of difficult to explain, but I'll try.
Basically there will be sort of a cylinder placed around this wax tree and then filled with sand. Then that will be placed in a kiln and "burnt out". All of the wax will melt away and the sand will harden, leaving behind the cavity of where the wax was. Then the molten metal is poured in, filling in everywhere wax once was. The final result is what you see below, only metal. Once it cools I can cut away the arrowheads and clean them up a bit and then I'll have a collection of bronze arrowheads.
Sounds easy, right?

My mom purchased me two plaster molds from the 1960s from an estate sale recently. They consist of deer parts and a skunk family. I also made wax castings from these molds but instead of putting the deer parts together the way they were intended, I decided I'd attach them in unnatural ways. In this photo it's kind of hard to tell but the deer on the left has two back ends.

I really like this little guy.

Here is my creature/arrowhead/cat/skunk/shark tooth tree. The cat and the shark tooth came from silicone molds I made in my very first Sculpture class at Flagler College taught by Mike Mitchell. I never expected to use them, but now I'm so happy I hung on to them!
I'm planning to make one more arrowhead tree before the bronze pour. I'm pretty obsessed with learning new techniques. Can't wait to see how these turn out!

Last few days of the semester!

First of all, how amazing is this? Yes, that's one of my arrowheads transformed into a pushpin. And I'm SO EXCITED about it.
Still have to glue 543 little nails into 543 arrowheads. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow.
As well as spackling/painting my studio walls.

Decorated the studio today. This Christmas tree was passed down to me by an older grad student. This year it's theme is Florida.

And here is the studio's Red Tinsel Hot Glue Gun wreathe.

Three wolf moon t-shirt wearing pregnant mama deer with baby deer in diapers and child deer in Mcdonalds themed t-shirt.

Four days til my first committee review. So much to do.