Crystals galore.

I still don't think this is enough!

I just finished a new mold with 6 larger crystals and was able to start casting tonight.  !!!

Smallest and Biggest.

The buffalo mold will be done tomorrow (if all goes well).  It's my first 3 part rubber mold so it's definitely stressing me out.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Worked on this today too.. my sister is slowing becoming the star of my art.


Triangles. Bigger=better.

Surprised my sister isn't mad I'm using this one!

I'm not allowed to use the after shot though.
So here is what it would've looked like!!!

Walgreens has made a small fortune off of me this semester. My last photo pick up was for 680 4x6s. But it's good because they're always running deals on prints so I was able to save about 40 dollars. And I'm happy because I'm set with prints for the next 5 teleidoscope pieces.

ALSO, I started a pinterest account. Pretty excited to have a place to collect everything I see, instead of just littering my desktop with images.

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Okay. Time for the dreaded art history paper!