"Bye Bye Bye" progress

I've been revisiting my past a lot the past few weeks.  Lately I've probably spent more intimate time with Nsync posters than I ever did in middle school.  

I wonder what the eBay sellers think when someone actually buys their Nsync posters.

 I obviously had to find my No Strings Attached CD 
to rock out for a brief moment.

 My mom sent me these.  The Justin poster was on my 
childhood wall and my sister is claiming the one on the 
right was hers.


Making a petal.

 Beginning to plan the wreath.

This piece is coming together just as I planned, so far.  I originally made around 75 flowers thinking that would be enough.  Of course it wasn't, so I had to cut into Nsync fan book my mom got at a garage sale titled, "*NSYNC *Ndepth". I made about 20 more flowers so I hope this will be enough to fill out the wreath.  There are a few other parts to this project to make it complete.  I need to pull it all together soon because the end of the semester is creeping up quick!