I'm Morgan Gesell Mudryk.  I'm currently living and painting in Tallahassee, FL.  

One of my recent series, Box of Beanie Babies, was inspired by the concept of what Beanie Babies meant to me as a child.  They were toys that my friends and I carried to school with us and literally played with, homemade accessories and all.  Yet they also had the potential to be a valuable collectible, so we took care of the heart-shaped tags with protective cases in the hopes that if we preserved the value we could one day sell our Beanies and retire to a private island.  How strangely similar this false hope of our Beanie payday is to the realities of my generation's early adulthood.  Like our parents who spent small fortunes on these small toys, many of us have invested or borrowed quite a bit of money in a college education, which in theory should financially secure our future, yet we find ourselves burdened by student loan debt and an ultra-competive job market.    Essentially, we're stuck with a literal and figurative "box of Beanie Babies".  The physical object of a Beanie Baby may be worthless, but they remain an icon of my generation.  This series allows me to continue to play with them, and give them the value they deserve, by mashing them up with other icons from past and present pop culture.

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